TUI, Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2 and British Airways rules on taking food on board flights

Can you bring food and drink on flights – we take a look at the rules for Brits heading on holidays with TUI, easyJet, Ryanair, British Airways and more airlines

Airlines have different rules on whether you can bring food on flights

Plane food isn’t famed for being tasty, and buying food on board isn’t always budget-friendly; so it’s no surprise that passengers often want to bring their own food and drinks when heading on holidays.

The good news is that plenty of the major airlines including TUI, easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic do allow you to bring your own food and drink on board, but there are some rules in place.

For example, some airlines won’t let you board with hot food and drinks, so you’ll need to consume these in the airport if you buy them airside.

As for alcohol, you can’t consume your own booze on flights even if you bought it in Duty Free. If you want an alcoholic drink, you need to buy it from the trolley during the flight.

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It’s also worth checking your destination’s rules too. Some countries have bans on certain food products, which means if your snacks include those ingredients, you could end up facing hassle at the airport on landing, or even a fine.

For example you can’t bring popular snacks into Spain due to EU rules around meat and dairy, while some destinations have bans on fresh fruit and vegetables in a bid to protect their eco-systems.

Oh, and of course before you even get to your flight, your liquids will need to meet the 100ml rule at airport security (although there are some easy tricks for getting around this ).

We take a look at some of the key airlines’ rules around food and drink below…


TUI passengers allow passengers to bring their own food on flights, although it warns that the crew “can’t provide heating facilities on board”. There is one exception; warm bottles of milk for infants, which they can heat in hot water.

The airline advises that passengers bring “low-risk food such as pre-made sandwiches and snacks that can be eaten cold”.


You can bring food on board. Any liquids such as soup or custard will need to be in clear containers of no more than 100ml. Non-alcoholic drinks, including hot drinks, can be brought on board if they were bought in the departure lounge.


Ryanair says passengers can ‘feel free’ to bring food and soft drinks on flights


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Ryanair’s website states that passengers can ‘feel free’ to bring their own food and soft drinks on board.

However, if you buy a pre-flight coffee, you’ll need to have finished this before you head to the plane.

“In the interest of safety we cannot allow passengers to board the plane with hot drinks or consume their own alcohol during the flight,” Ryanair says. Of course, you can buy a tea or coffee during the flight if you do need a caffeine fix.


Jet2 passengers won’t be allowed to bring hot drinks or hot food onto Jet2’s planes. (You will be able to buy hot drinks/food once on board).

As for cold food, such as sandwiches, this isn’t prohibited, but Jet2’s rules do state that customers will not be allowed to bring food if it is “prohibited from being carried by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any country to be flown from, to or over”.

For example, meat and dairy can not be brought on board flights to the EU, so you could technically be banned from bringing a sandwich. In reality, usually you’ll be able to have your food as long as you’ve consumed it before landing.

However, leave the tuna sarnie at home. Jet2 has said passengers won’t be allowed to bring “items which in our reasonable opinion are unsuitable for carriage by reason of their weight, size or character or which are fragile or perishable or which may affect the safety, health or comfort of other passengers or crew, this may include hot or strong smelling foods and drinks”.

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British Airways

Passengers can bring in solid foods including sandwiches, biscuits, fruits nuts and more on flights.

Liquids such as drinks, jams, jellies and sauces must be in clear containers and adhere to the maximum limit of 100ml.

On its website the airline adds: “You can buy duty-free liquids, gels or cream products of more than 100ml from airport shops or on board, provided that they have been sealed at the point of purchase in a Security Tamper Evident Bag with the receipt inside.”

Virgin Atlantic

You can take cold food and snacks onto a Virgin flight, such as sandwiches or biscuits. The airline predominantly offers long-haul routes so usually there will be food included as part of your ticket, which includes hot food and drinks.

It’s worth noting that some destinations do have specific requirements on what food you can/can’t bring when you land – for example you can’t bring fresh fruit into Orlando, so if you have fruit it needs to be consumed before you land.